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Evolution Training Center is Atlantic Canada's largest and best equiped martial arts facility. We offer classes is several disciplines and all age groups. Check our classes and services to learn more about what we have to offer.

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Train Martial Arts and Fitness in The Fredericton Area!

Evolution Training Center is the vision of its Owner and Chief Instructor, Andy Young. Andy's concept for ETC is based on his over 35 years in martial arts, reality based systems, and fitness conditioning for adults and children.

Evolution Training Center is known as the largest, most popular, and best designed Martial Arts and fitness facility in New Brunswick, and is widely considered the industry leader for many reasons. With the ever increasing popularity of mixed martial arts and fitness in North America, Evolution is helping its hundreds of members develop their skills and passion for the most exciting sport in the world! You too can benefit while getting into the best shape of your life, learning self-defense, becoming more confident and de-stressing, all while having fun and making new friends.

Only at Evolution can you get world-class instruction in a friendly, professional, safe and clean environment, minutes from your home!